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when i get you back for fucking me over just know I allowed you in the first place to fuck me over use me mentally abuse me but mother fuckers ever dog has his day and today is mine


367 days ago Sabrina Norton aka binna ,left me. Through mental hospitailization,homelessness giving up my rats (more like she said a rescue)) (bitch move) jail homelessness again and again due to you Sabrina. Yes this is directly to you gonna you have coated me countless heartaches home changes and with what did I ever do to you?? Truely you complaining cause you live in a boarding home. Which ended up being next door to my house to my landloard got me once again homeless. But fear no more I don’t live next to young for whatever reasons. Your scared of me get over it Ian am harmless…. so Ian going to post this via all the world to see like I have everything else. Still to this day I miss you and for a more fucked up reason I still love you dearly? .. how I wronged You Iy lilting seems I will never know. But Ian sure you will call in the restraining. Order you outrandishly have placed against me and am sure you will bring down fire and brimestone on me. But I all got you beat. Ill do Tue dirty workshop for you.and tell the police along with all the possiable peoplee you ajand me combined know just how much your abondonment of our relationship has mentally well fucked me up …worse part is I’d drop the world. Just to see you again.. but again I a but most impariatve bonetov pick you know the one where I remind you everything will comeback to you missery breeds missery and I’ve all paid mine up. And why do I still feel like I was victimized by you. Oh lets see you and me hooked up moved in togetherr moved around owned and lost cars pets friends and jobs and now a year later education cause of you I have nothing now but all your studlff still. Oh but I owe storage 159$so what do we do when we meet we were both good then you went ill I godly you well and you did just as Dr.grant said so you left me when I got worse and you got better…. but still I wish you in my life. And world be known I will be portraied as a crazed ex boyfriend obbsessed and this and that. Bit Ian not I want to know ands even publicly know why you left and why your so scared?after that ill stop posting (shit like this and ill hell I’ve already moved. Out of town cause you what more doyoy want?

What i will never understand is what its like to be me viewed from another persons perspective. The way I’am and the person I have become is two worlds apart from what I have seen and lived through and and What the outcome of all the monstrosities of my childhood. Quoted by Lil Wayne “If you don’t understand me;Maybe you stand under me?” Is a great way to put things in my current life. Very few people Are close enough to me and have been around long enough to learn how to put up with me or better yet how to use me to my greatest potential.
Furthermore nothing can explain me better than some of the friends i call friends some are still learning me others know what and how to handle me.
What I find most odd is the way my psychologist explained his first impression of me, He said That I have a certain “Charm” about me,. In our last session I asked him to explain, he said The way i engage people in public and in conversation is so mind boggling due to my past history of speech impediments, learning disability’s, and hearing problems. I was speechless I so didn’t expect that, he said i would be great i would be great in business or sales.
So this is a quick post with shit on my mind, I get to go back to work for my old company if things in the Universe didnt say before that I was meant to be a Professional Painter than nothing will prove it more.
So for now travel well….

hash tag This on Twitter and you will see just how much #TeamNoSleep, Will Reign Supreme
Never Not will I be a Part of the ever suffering Sleepless insomniacs
Sleep on you week people As we #teamNoSleep will rule the night and day

So world whats good? I am going out tonight to do whatever it is I do to make paper the price of iron went up from $210 a ton to $260 a ton when I started out scraping iron it was $80 a ton but back then a pack of ciggs was like $3. like when i was a boy life was so much easier, I didn’t have to think of ways to destroy stuff in-order to make money. Money is easy to take and harder to make, why can i say this with confidence? the reason is you don’t take from others unless they took yours first, i use to not believe this I use to just steal what i wanted and thought I needed, I now no longer believe in that

Life can be @110mph for me its even faster while still trying to obey the 55mph speed limit sign (which I still need one of) anyways I am just about where I was 4 and half 5 years ago. Homeless. I currently use a friends address for mail purposes only I will hardly even shower over there, just not comfortable with the whole program and how its ran at times,.
Where I stay is where-ever the fuck I fall-out at. lately it has been every other day whether I want to or not Iam out cold.
I have stored all my belongings along with My ex’s stuff in storage here in Visalia ca.That is what i did not give away or loose do to the inability to transport it all out of my ex-roommates house or it got snagged by whoever wanted our stuff bad enough,. The one thing I am most upset about is loosing all my DATA over 30GB on 4 different flash-drives are all missing., even my backup memory cards are gone., ?? But the other hand is I have still yet to go through and search every single box,nook and cranny in my storage. Hell the night I got it I went to jail for a weapons charge for ten days released to serve a four month sentence which will be in 23days,. What does all this shit mean and how the hell did it all happen so swift and carelessly ????
So when, Iam asleep, I dream every now and again, but my dreams are beyond normal from what I have read and researched over the past 10 years when I noticed one reoccurring dream happened the way I always dream it. The dreams I have are not lucid but more vivid than imagination of my own childhood would permit.

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