What i will never understand is what its like to be me viewed from another persons perspective. The way I’am and the person I have become is two worlds apart from what I have seen and lived through and and What the outcome of all the monstrosities of my childhood. Quoted by Lil Wayne “If you don’t understand me;Maybe you stand under me?” Is a great way to put things in my current life. Very few people Are close enough to me and have been around long enough to learn how to put up with me or better yet how to use me to my greatest potential.
Furthermore nothing can explain me better than some of the friends i call friends some are still learning me others know what and how to handle me.
What I find most odd is the way my psychologist explained his first impression of me, He said That I have a certain “Charm” about me,. In our last session I asked him to explain, he said The way i engage people in public and in conversation is so mind boggling due to my past history of speech impediments, learning disability’s, and hearing problems. I was speechless I so didn’t expect that, he said i would be great i would be great in business or sales.
So this is a quick post with shit on my mind, I get to go back to work for my old company if things in the Universe didnt say before that I was meant to be a Professional Painter than nothing will prove it more.
So for now travel well….