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no sleep

No sleep,
goes along with no heat, no meat, no feet and no beat.
The nights I have stayed awake I try to not waste, they say by the time you are 30 years old that you have slept more than 20 years of your life., Well for me this is not true.
I was diagnosed a clinical insomniac at 2 months old,. then since I was twelve I’ve been prescribed and used on my own, (stimulants) in most any an all forms. I’m a night owl, a wanderer of the minds abbess, and the depths of the paranoids-minds sub-consciences. problem being I’m hyper-active still at the near age of 28 years old mix it up with some attention deficit disorder. And you get some of me in a can. No sleep huh,? in this week alone i did not sleep for 5 days in a row, fully functioning and a little psycho, i do not like to sleep much i do better with less sleep than most people could fully rested.

But the dark side is; depression, paranoia, hallucinations, isolation, MADNESS.
this is me 2 days off of any and all drugs,. Fuck sobriety fuck sleep and to all who fear me, are disgusted by me. Fuck you


Insomnia is a common disorder in disabled  people, through all the labels and all the self psychology, nobody will ever truly understand someone fully until it is self knowing of its own lack of comprehension. This is where I fall victim to kicking the “meteorically (dead) dog”,   and not allowing body and mind to synchronize and shut down or refresh, like computers. Well maybe this will help?

Blogging it out when I am feeling the world closing in on me. Although the reality of it is its my own fears and un-answered questions.

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