What is the answer in the pivotal question in life: The question is normally, ( what is the meaning of life?)

    I believe that, the meaning of life is more complex than a one line answer.

The meaning of life I also believe and can almost prove based on a large unscientific and personal,

account of other peoples stories, and my own profile of those people. Further more, Each life has its own

Individual meaning, plight path and final destination.

    How else on this piss infested cockroach ruled planet would I have the nerve to write this out,here is how.,.l\

We are the creators of our own paradise and demise., flip the self preservation switch off and see how many

mass suicides occur in a matter of hours and days.

What will happen when the planets population reaches known to Doomsdays theorist as zero population/.,

These sound off track but are they really off track or are these just random thoughts from an insomniac with a laptop

and a wifi connection?