Life can be @110mph for me its even faster while still trying to obey the 55mph speed limit sign (which I still need one of) anyways I am just about where I was 4 and half 5 years ago. Homeless. I currently use a friends address for mail purposes only I will hardly even shower over there, just not comfortable with the whole program and how its ran at times,.
Where I stay is where-ever the fuck I fall-out at. lately it has been every other day whether I want to or not Iam out cold.
I have stored all my belongings along with My ex’s stuff in storage here in Visalia ca.That is what i did not give away or loose do to the inability to transport it all out of my ex-roommates house or it got snagged by whoever wanted our stuff bad enough,. The one thing I am most upset about is loosing all my DATA over 30GB on 4 different flash-drives are all missing., even my backup memory cards are gone., ?? But the other hand is I have still yet to go through and search every single box,nook and cranny in my storage. Hell the night I got it I went to jail for a weapons charge for ten days released to serve a four month sentence which will be in 23days,. What does all this shit mean and how the hell did it all happen so swift and carelessly ????
So when, Iam asleep, I dream every now and again, but my dreams are beyond normal from what I have read and researched over the past 10 years when I noticed one reoccurring dream happened the way I always dream it. The dreams I have are not lucid but more vivid than imagination of my own childhood would permit.