As far back as I can remember, which mind you is far further back than the average american, Caucasian male age 26 can even think of remembering. I can still  recall the distinct smells of seasons which season was what,and when in the time frame of my psychologically fucked child-hood is not precisely accurate down to the exact day, but I can surely give a Stephan King like depiction of the scenery and smells and all the voices in the room.

It truly baffles me as to how keen my memory is from back then; Literally I remember as far back to two years old not exactly accurate as to the day or month, but i remember it. Oh do I. Just like a mother fucking horror movie staring the late great, ChristopherLee;  who of course I was named after. Ironic my life has been a drawn out horror series starting yours truly but, yeah I could if I could do it all over again the only thing I would have done differently is I would of finished the things I had set out to do  that took priority over “Mylife” vs. the stuff i was told to do..


My new section of life goes right to where it technically left off at. This is by far one of, if not the most challenging area’s of my hidden past coming up from the depths of the abyss where it hides, only to resurface and be dealt with headfirst.

First instinct which always comes to mind is “Murder,Death,Kill…”

Take no hostages, this is a kill bill battle of the wits Except Bill is with in myself and taking him out from the wrongs which were done tp ,me is the conflict I avoid and struggle not to fight with everyday,.

Drug’s umm yes, please but that is only a way to escape life for a brief second not forever unless you overdose and push up daises,.

And as the saying goes “been there done that” oh and I got the fucking T-shit with a old CDC number F-50235 bitches. But no not for drugs never been caught for doing dope, weed, nothing nope my stupid ass got caught one two okay three fucking times stealing, then to top it off beating the old lady down one fine September morning, No I am clearly not a morning person,. Best advice stay the FUCK AWAY!!