twenty seven


I’am twenty seven years old when i started this post i had 27 minutes to write on the library’s computer,. this is unless i pull out on of my hacked library accounts so now what is left in life I’am at the minute trying to manage a few too many sites of mine at once and i haven’t even checked my email accounts yet. the music has stopped and I now write another new chapter in the (Memoirs’ Of  a Madman) and in the (Adventures Of Homelessness). this is a short post I really wish i had more to work for in life had everything I ever wanted within means and …

wow i so thought i had accidental delete this post . well i got 12 minutes left on this computer still need to delete history save some things and go and smoke some and find more to smoke and hell I’am looking for new people looking for a new life anywhere or everywhere and whats important to me is, “keeping on the move until I can Comfortable settle down in life” until that happens I’am currently as far as I know homeless and a rebel without a cause……………ImageImage