One of my favorie sayings is, “prosperity destroys the fools and endangers th wise” chiness proverb. To me it says so much in my life.
Many times over I have had to start over and over again,more oftan than not with less than nothing or near to it.
  This is never an easy task. Wishing still I knew why (Sabrina Norton) left me almost ten months ago pleauges me evernight and every morning. Through out the day it has been bothering me less and less. But sad as it seems to myself iam pathetic for missing her,at the same time wish I could appoligize to her, also wish I could strangle her for the way my life has turned out since she left and never looked back, but iam beyoned all this, past it, missed it, shit I smoked it. Really though without (lia)ing to myself like so so, many others what really has happend was enevitiable!
  The fact that iam using again and so heavily is a sad part,to say I was awake for 4 fucking days, why? I don’t know. I miss being next to someone so much that if I don’t hae to fall asleep then I don’t fel the pain of missing that comfert of her, for me a compinion is more hassel than its worth after the outcome of (sabrina and I). But lie to you I Not, I’ve tried it twice since here. To my luck each time was a miserable failure, One chick was a (Liala Saelee) the other was a best friend of mine who I was sheltering and didn’t know we were in a monoguamuse relationship,guess I missed the announcement of FaceBook Miss (Kimberley Robinson).
Kiss my ass world I say!
To the lucky contestant laying, in his filthy fucking garage on Garden st in Visalia, the commitity in your head bids you adu…..