There is so much to catch up on, that i dont even know where to start. First off my appoligies in advance, on the next 90 day vacation i have pending starting on july 30. Yup, more jail time. Then starting all over again from scratch. Again! I dont even know how many times ive done this or how many more times, coming? Lets just say i could of choosen the more productive way of doing my upcoming sentance. But it feels to me easier to just go to jail vurses doing a set-to-fail work furlough program. Anyways nuff said about jail. On the home front iam still living at the (room&board) through “homeless housing” a seperate entitey from my mental health providers ” kings view, tulare’s south valley mobile unit”, they have helped me emensilley. Much thanks to them. On another note i got to watch my mom pick up a one year sobriety chip, which made me cry. Never thought id see that happen. I always expected to bury her first. Real shit! Luckly.nobody of my blood relitives have passed on, since my dad.