The Next Generation of writing and journalling, is now (Blogging), online internet writings, by anybody who has acsess to a laptop,pc, smartphone, or Dumbphone.
When i started blogging a few years ago it was mainly for therapudic reasons,. Now Its a slight form of (Verbly Kombat).

Of course I have been told that i seem to censor my own self-proclaimed un-edited writing style,. Duh …. Of course I know I do this. Untill a small time or even mid grade book publisher com,es at me to tell the real fucking story I leave out all the good stuff for manifesto I yet to write,. Presumably sometime well before my untimely death./
But wait if you (The Reader) really wanted to know all the in’s & out’s of my stories maybe I’d have a editor again, like my last runaway editor, (Binna).
Still I’am single and still I’am taking applications for future editiors, future ex-wives, and future baby-mamas. Please apply @ submit a word doc.

lmao. enjoy (The Reader) for I’m just as blown away as you are by what I dont write and by what I do…..