its odd to me that  nobody notices,  i see it in people. Yet its not something thats visual, but i see it.  always have, always will,  do others see what i see when you look at a person.? yes!,possibly they do.  What it is i see is the thoughts feeling ., gee even emotions in most people,  yes i am crazy thats not to be argued,  but i see it.  seeing it isnt such a big deal, no by all means. but being able to read a person  has kept me alive in the urban jungle i live in and around.  its told me when torun, when to fight, and when to defuse a possible fatel aflaw in a situation where the atmosphere is somewhat poor to deadly serious.  and ive always seen who was fried or foe,. so i trust my instancts about people,places and things,. food for thought  when you see the good in  person try bringing it out in them and do the world a favor, help where it is needed and only fix, whats broke, dont just break it to have a reason to bitch about nobody doing something around somewhere.