Another post a day;

So I am  spooked about missing work today out of all days a Saturday that I am just going to stay awake and be on time not no hour or more late. Thus all is a bunch of bullshit I didn’t get paid yesterday as boss man said i would maybe tomorrow if he talks with the owner, Aah and to top it all off my cell phone service has been disconnected until I pay the damn bill remaining amount due $35.56.

All and all this week has been a hectic-fun-filled-melodramatic Orchestra directed  by None other than the so called BIG-MAN himself (God) whoever wherever however he is and does it?\p.s. I’m an Agnostic.

Other than that I’ve made so many promises this week  and let down everybody, (sorry Tighty_23), and for all the little people who helped me get here. Nothing absolutely nothing can save me from the Universe’s plans for me and furthermore, not a damn thing I plan goes through its always some altered dimensions plan. Like when I go and apply for G.A. relief, I get all my ducks in a row and boom I get denied for my Dr’s faxing in paperwork late or not at all? And Its a-‘little hard to find out when I’am at work for the last week and cant get to the Welfare office, and cant even call back cause my phone has been disconnected.

Well its all good life goes on and so do I.. thanks to all and have a good day