This is my first chance at a computer in a while, been trying to update all my account information on all my profiles, its so hard to keep track I am so limited to access, on my old mobile phone. So life is way different from when I started this Blog, I’am now single, no animals, no more cars or trucks, No longer in college, and I live in a damn garage for the time being. Life is completely different, but its still my life to tell it to the world however i see it.
Now I’m headed in new directions, going for my Social Security Disability benefits, that I use to collect, back into therapy, and trying to start anew. What will come of me I have no fucking clue. I still cannot believe all the crap that has happened to me but I’am thankful for all my friends who have been there for my crazy ass antics. Lately the more i help out the more i get helped, that karma thing again it always comes around. For those who will never read this maybe you should follow me more I use twitter a lot and of course facebook its just socially acceptable and a convenient way contact people.
So to finish this off quickly hope to see some comments and feed back. happy hunting