For all its worth, I can convincingly tell myself I no
longer love my ex-girlfriend the way I use to let alone at all! TKY
is what I want to do PMK is what I have been thinking since I was left for dead. In less than 11 days I go and serve 4 months in county jail. What I want to do every time I wake up is die. But the way I handle those thoughts and intentions are by weighting the (price vs. promise), the (price vs. promise) is some shit I learned from Mr. Sears a teacher from my University of Phoenix days 2yrs $30,000 of bullshit general college classes set me way above the normal psychotic maniac. The (Price vs. Promise) is the price you pay for the promise at the end, the question arises is the price you pay worth the real promise at the end of the day in my life?.