Red #27 was believed to be the food coloring dye that is souled responsible for the united states childhood epidemic of ADHD< ADD. But its not, Iam the real reason #27 of #100 why am I still alive today to see 27 tomorrow is, #27 is cause I can Laila

Where is Jimmy Hoffa? My Grandpa Coy knows, but also he is gone and passed./

Really what this whole post is about is the 11th of this month is my birthday, @1420 on 04/11/1984 I was born from a woman named, Veronica K Mulvey./\ Makes me an Aries god of war or controller of conflict and and instigator of chaos..
This whole birthday shit is really driving me nutz more like nucking futz or putz Looking back on my life I have changed personalities like a hooker changes her panty hoes,