the wonder years was a show I use to watch when I was a child,now it feels like I’m living in those “wonder years”. All in all my life has changed into an ever-changing enigma. Where one question is answered ten more arise,why is this I ask the universe?
Because from some small internal voice says ” you are to go through life helping others and not your self, so don’t worry about you, you as in I will always be where you are and its others that need you”
wtf does that shit mean and come from ? Who knows the mental health public label me as a fucking mad man, wish we could pull open their closets and take a peek. It is funny when i think of all the bad I have ever done versus all the good I do goes uncounted.

What it all boils down to is,. When I wake up I do not know what provokes it or where it comes from but I do not know where I am at or what is going on and I am not liable for what I do or say until I clearly know where and what is going on. But then again who is to say that when I wake up I am awake? The people in my life I have lost do to waking up wrong is growing strong I have gone as far as prison do to waking up and shit kicking off, I have lost too much to count now and will never get back the things along with the people in my past life’s just because I woke up and was not fully awake. Damn my concise hurts now more than ever, but with that at least I feel remorse and regret unlike others who can turn their backs and never say another word.

Doing my best is like all I can ever do I try my hardest and I get shited on, even when I admit I cannot fix it or I do not know what the solution is I am the bad guy, why is this I ask?

All I can do from here is carry on, new life maybe one day a new wife, to make laugh and feel happy when whoever she may be sees me walk in through the door, I am a lonely soul and will walk the earth till I find my mate for life, so far I do not know