More coffee and cigarettes another time I wake up late in the afternoon and thought it was morning time,shit what a waste I’am I say to myself. I know better than that, to think so negatively is not my style. I meet this woman the other night, and blew me away, whatever it is worth I like her, not sure how she feels.
New in life I’am wanting to sober up but i wont just yet, soon as i hit the gate and turn myself in I will start out fresh and clean when i get out. I only plan on writing a few people, so if i don’t ask for your address don’t think i will get mad if i don’t hear from you, whoever reads this crap i write. wish i could write from in jail to this blog but our county is not the technical high tech jail of the future. Hell i will be lucky if i get my free stamps and envelopes every week. Fuck my coffee is hot.!
I will miss the electronic world, I got like 47 followers on twitter but most i think are bots. my new friends on Face-book one i might write from jail but who knows? that is exactly it in life, “Who knows?” I know i play it by ear,and shoot from the hip.
A crack-shot that is the kind of opponent I’am I have no real care now other than making sure who I am around is safe and well taking care of, cause it goes both ways.

Remember this people I’am only going away to serve a 4 month sentence.
I will be out and I will be carrying on with my life as once planned, as always plans change like the seasons
but I change as I grow more mature in life,.
As “prosperity destroys the fools and endangers the wise, the wise learn from others mistakes as where smart people learn from themselves”