WOWZZAAZS Just tottaly fell in love again with two old but new to me sister-cities,. I Will never say where but i will post my little heart out,.On top of explore all possiable avenues and roads around this deseart of a place.,laugh your ass of But I and we found my old car, well it was registerd to Sabrina Norton but I took care of it as best we could got it for a bill somthing and sold it for 6 on the spot. Was the second biggest mistake of my life ya know,?.?
Besides all this noise in the front seat somebody reads this ahhhhhh haaa haaa I find the lost and iam the lost leading the lost to the lost hills and hidding creeks of the badlands. Over and Out Crankshaft… SK8ERCHRISSHEEK
Christopherlee Sheek
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