On 2/23/11, Christophrlee Sheek wrote:
> wow i never saw this one coming… which excuse are you going to give me??
> what did i do or what didn’t i do?? why fucking abbandon me like that? this
> is the ast attempt i shall make to recincile this relation ship after this
> if you do not respond within a day or two iam getting rid of everything. and
> i will start my j journey

Sabrinas respons i finally found it again
i an breaking the rules doing this and won’t be able to contact you
again but because of the kids i’m risking it. Please know i had to
make this decision for me and them. I have taken them from macs and am
working on getting them to a pet store for re adoption. This will keep
them safe and my hope is to get them back soon. I do love you don’t
think this was done out of anything but concern for my well being.
Maybe one day if things drastically change we can try again. I have
taken what i can and have to trust you for the rest i could not find
some things i would have liked to have but i can’t change that. I am
sorry for what happened with you and the hospital and for the steps i
will have to take for my safety. It’s finally time i take care of me.