The most shocking thing was waking up Tuesday afternoon with a Visalia PD standing over me and My Ex-Feinace in tow. My Binna left me,.
Knew it was coming one day looking back on when she tried to leave with the fucking Thunderbird before ,back in October or November it was. Only thing that stopped her that day finding out later, like a month,.Was she locked her keys in the car and I brought out, My Best Steed at that time my old Ford F100 Custom. Which I no longer have.
And lets bring up the dream you had Binna, when she told me about some (not her type guy) who paid me to leave her cause she wasn’t happy. Due to my economic failures and instabilities with my anger and lashing out at her verbally. That was a dream she said I really think that was when she gotten in contact with her possible new Bow( Mark) the guy who didn’t do shit for the computers cause instead helped bring her courage up to leave me. High and dry!
All these conspiracy, accusations is all I am left with to ponder on slowing driving me to leave the fucking county, cause Why when you I mean Sabrina came out to get her (Rescued) Rats from me and my Dubacual of anti-social antics.

Well owning up to my part in it all,. I am Chridifur, an alcoholic asshole who wakes up on the wrong side of the bed way too mother fucking often. So yes, I do slowly, now remember all the FUCKED up shit I said that morning to Sabrina but the thing was i sensed something was up when she was ram sacking the room for i dont know what./ oh yeah Sabrina i was not trying to hide your Lyrica from you but you damn sure didnt walk out in those boots which i still have maybe if I heard from you other than a restraining order on me thats why this is my blog and its read at your own risk. Shit as crazy as this and incoharant as this is I still love you Sabrina and miss you like you dont know. fucked thing is I know you will never come back to me I think at least not right now. you left me in the worse way possiable a sneak attack i didnt mean the shit i said that day or any other fucking time i was half asleep and again, I am sorry for it all but you left me. and then i flip the fuck out which might have been your’s and their (Mental healths’s) plan. I end up in the Mental Hospital and immediately faced Homeless upon release. Which we would of fought if you would have stayed if i’d of known you were abbondoning me.
Which is one of the thousand emotions that raced through me when i saw you really packing and said not even a reason why. Duh i walked out of the room pissed ,hurt,and overwhelmed. lost fuck if you would of said something an email, texted message anything i would not have gone off and threatened hellfire and brimstone to everyone. When Sabrina left I wanted to hang my fucking sorry ass, cause it was my fault “Binna left me”. But Binna left cause
with fear and feeling betrayed and am now currently Homeless ,. Oh and the Lyrica, You left it and I accidently packed cause even when, you did pack that morning and that afternoon you left in my opioion more important stuff like your familys airlooms the last two things you have from your mom her tennis racket and the GODS which i will once again hold for you.
The most important thing is i wanted to let you know I am not mad at all still hurt and feeling bamboozled by the whole thing but fuck it i will do with you like i do all my ex’s- I will still be your friend like you had brought up a week before all this shit of your storm started. Hell I tried to give you the opt out plenty of times but you always had to do it your way. and this is why “it is what it is”.
So call me someday and time near future Sabrina Michelle Norton,. Oh and yeah your phone can be turned on and paid by you or whoever, not like you ever used it anyways. I didnt report it stole or anything like that and i even waited till well yesterday when i took All my computer shit down and swaped it for the bill

still love you