All in all, it’s been one hell of a new year already. To recount the first ten days would be a harder feat than solving Einsteins theory of relativity.
The craziest, thought I have about it all is I should of died at the start of it. The first 24 hours of the new year, I had guns pulled on me, was almost involved in a multi-car collision which would of resulted in serious injures possibly fatalities, all this was accompanied by monsoon like rain for our valley. The question most would ask, I think is; What went through my mind as each event occurred? Well to be honest, it wasn’t god or satin or flashes of my past beaming before my eyes. Every time one of the out of the normal event’s happened, all I could think about was; what will Sabrina do if I’am gone? How will she pick up these pieces of my life I might end up leaving behind? The theory I had each time was, Sabrina is stronger than anybody gives credit for, and is far more intelligent than even she brags about.
So what brings me to blog about this in this manner? Fuck I do not know at this moment, all I can figure is this is the first time I’ve had a chance to write since before Christmas. And most of the time unless I have a set direction as where I want my writings to go, and on what,and in what style, than most everything I write is free-writing.

The main lesson I learned is, never underestimate the force and furry of mother nature on stupidity.