After so many hour of being awake it is a proven fact, that the mind of a normal person will eventually fall into the true state of sleep walking. This is when the normal person has exceed more than 36-42 hours of conciseness with out the use of drugs.What happens is the mind has approx,. 14 levels of conciseness, which in every day life we only are aware of 2 states. Believe only after researching it for yourselves that the mind can be in a state of sleep and the person still be fully functional and still asleep.
Although in the study which i base this posting on, did allow the normal person to use nicotine and caffeine.
world record for staying awake for as many consecutive days in a row was set back in the 1920’s-1930’s
this was set on stricter rules and regulations for the non-use of drugs,than the MLB has for its players to date. the recored was 11days straight.