My first Dumbo rat Mystique make’s me wish I could, contain her in solitary confinement cage, or remover her from the rattie community. As I type this I curse and swear to Mystique; “I will either breed her!, or make her fight to the death, Hahahahahaaaa”,lmfao.
This is of course just my way of, venting all my frustration and anger, by blogging this crap out. Which has been built up for unknown amount of time.Mainly with Mystique. Better, Out than In right? .,Cause If i dont have a way to channel this fear, hurt and frustration out. Then what//? The World is lucky it shall not find out,…..
Mystique is the first rat i wish to cross the rainbow bridge if any at all,. Which is FUCKED UP! for me to say and think about. Sorry Binna . But Don’t like the ratties crying. and just want the ratties to play nicely together.