I hate deadlines giving me a deadline when there is no need for one makes it to where a hyperactive-person such as my self losses all focus and can then barely concentrate on the most mundane task in life.
This is the last time I work with one of my Learning teammates form school,LAST-Time only cause i need this learning team to possible pass this class i am currently failing in and the last year of my higher education depends on this one fucking class. Is the only reason I do not tell My Self Appointed Team leader to go fuck herself and to die trying and defect from this team.
But regardless of it all if i fail this class loss my student loans and my grants all of hells fury from fire to brimstone will have no match to what i will bring upon the likes those who are around.
So kids the lesson for Today is; Don’t push the Psychotic boy into a corner and and start poking him with sticks.