Okay wacky world have i gotten a lot done in the last three years and few days. Started (Out?),on October 6, 2008. when i moved back to Visalia Ca. Well needless to say When i got back I had nothing but $174.28 yep figure that one out. Moved back in with “Good Ol’ Mom’s” which only lasted a few weeks and, what do you know? I am back at it again. Doing what I did best,.Nothing but survive, and struggle and hustle, oh don’t forget bum.
Of course there is so much left out, people who know me know the important details, after that Read between the lines.!
So whats done? What have i accomplished in three years time?
Plenty more shit than I even thought possible, When i got out and back to the fucking valley i literally only had clothes and money, dreams, and all my drama and guilt from all my past mistakes.
took the better half of the three years before I really got moving in this game of life. Never thought I would be this stable. Hell I did not even think i would still be alive. Now I am currently enrolled into college, have obtained my drivers licenses, and a part-time job my first legit one ever and I am still working in construction on the side. to top it off the most I am no longer homeless like some people remember me as and by homeless (Chris) a.k.a.”bob”. and this is another kicker I am no longer looking over my shoulder from old Johnny Law. Think the last few are some of the best. Forgetting the last and some of the best shit, I got a car for my Girl and a truck for my self. did I leave out Sabrina Norton? Must have…but she is the first to even see this New Blog of mine which I have connected to every single account possible I could in a short manner of hours. so enjoy the readings to come some will be more in-depth others not so much and who knows soon I will post some saved free writings of mine.