So i was thinking what better way to bring the world up to speed then to let all the bullshit out on to virtual paper.
Ok so now Sabrina and i are living at here house together, but this was a little fast for me, No big deal though i pracitally  lived at her house anyways. I can now thank my ex-roommate; Velvet for this she had giving me a 45 day notice at first so i was going to move in with Sabrina on the first of January but then  all of sudden Velvet calls me up and was like hey i cant live with you anymore, ok no big deal but I am like hey you owe me some money i paid my rent in advance and she was even like the week she told my other roommate and I that she would give me back my money if I wanted to move out early. I was like Na i will just ride this out then move in with Sabrina in January. NO now thats not the case, I am not mad at Velvet but I am perturbed at the fact that i got my shit out of there and she has yet to pay me back the money she owes me, and she was saying she doesnt want our friendship to end like one of her last roommates Named Matt but she still has not cowgirled up and said the what the deal is.
Anyways that is what happened with my now Ex-roommate….
So now on the other hand school I am rocking like a king i could say I am not sure exactly what my grade for this last class but i know it is going to be in the high A’s or a strong A. Fuck Yeah, So cool i think a few people said they though ti was wasting my time and the schools time enrolling but 8 months later the lowest grade i have gotten there was a B, so fuck it H8ers make me famous.
So just to say it one more time this is mylife love it and be a part of it or H8 on me and fuck you