so like i ask what to do?
well the week has only been semi productive not like i have been fucking off or anything just had to adjust my sleep schedule again i believe that this problem will be reoccurring for the rest of my natural life..
But anyways made the parole psychologist appointment yesterday and have had my lil sis over with me since last night, she is pregnant so this is new to us all. Not to say i dont know what to do but its very new to me for the biggest part knowing this is my kid sister. So anyways yes i have been out of work again for over a week now and the job market does not like felon’s who are still on parole the main problem is all my theft charges i picked up before i was even 20 yrs old anyways that can be gotten around the other devastating thing is i have no legal work history. Its not like i am looking for a job with a large amount of responsibility Iam looking for fucking minum wage shit and cant even get a job interview at Macdonald and shit man so like what the fuck?   Anyways I will overcome this bullshit but its how do you say it oh yeah discouraging. On the other hand Iam still doing great in school well college that is, So no worries i guess just keep on keeping on as some tell me ok cutting this short i got out what i wanted to say or needed people to hear for the week
Thanks all for reading if anybody does.Later