hey world its been a minute since i have posted on this blogspot.so let me fill you in on what has been going on..
Ok so i have been working my ass off but all is good had to quit a musical play due to my work schedule and on top on my college school workload being so demanding but i made the right choice. So Sabrina and I are still going strong together no real ups or downs just us being us.. great i think my life has never been better … The only real blow to my life has been the fact that the parole board denied my discharge from parole so there goes a lot of my and Sabrina’s plans for this up coming year which who knows may work out for the better..
 On top of all of this I am still drinking like a fish out of water with no sign of slowing down except the fact of me feeling guilty almost want to go back to AA but Ehh fuck it. My7 life has never been this good its so good to me that I am afraid of it coming to a crashing halt which as history shows has happened to me before ..
‘These are the things that keep me up at night when I am trying to sleep but Ehh not always…so before this post gets too long for anybody to read in a timely manner let me just say this I love everybody who is in my life right now and I try to cherish all the small simple moments cause one day they will be few and far in between so world hit me up and i will ttyl