fucking A man this last week was one hell of a ride and not to much beyond any of that no time for me and Sabrina.Between work, school, and rehearsal i barely have any time for my own life but is’int this what life is susposeto be like? this is MYLIFE and i will live it anyway i can well of course there are exceptions to the facts. but No Cryptic messages here just me; a boy and his laptop and a little internet porn OK Ive been looking at GodsGirls.com all day fantisizing what i want to do with my Sabrina when ever we get time to???:)
So this is getting to be a little crazy iam not to drink so fucking much when ever i got shit to do like go and get my girl from work but that was an oops. no this week i really didnt drink too much at all i was more or less sober most the time. But i have had a great time so with this i will update this later