Blank thoughts contemplating the next move. In the game of chess this is bad, you need to think more than three moves ahead and not just your next three moves but the counter moves of you opponent this is the true chess theory and this is how one should play the game of life. Thinking more than three moves ahead? how would someone do such a thing; an act of playing a fortune teller  easy because i play chess and I play the game of life and I have lived through some crazy ass shit but only cause I can think way ahead of the next possible outcome and any other possible outcome that can happen. All this is to say hey think ahead before you move in life what can happen and if you don’t do that what will happen and then if you throw in a couple of other variables what will happen or what can happen. So whats next in mylife?Who knows this next week is going to be interesting and we will see and keep you updated lots of love to the world