So rolling around can be the funniest thing ever. I Love to be free on a sk8baord or even a bike. Its fun to pretend someone or something is after you while ridding around; cause you ride harder, and faster, boosting your senses to a heightened awareness of the world around you. You become more a keen to the ground you are riding on, the air your breathing, and the speed at which your travailing. The craziest thing is this is when my mind works the best! When my adrenalin is pumping and my heart rate is increased my mind is at its max wish i could do more actual task when riding cause everything would be flawless that i touch. Funny thing happens when i ride my life worry’s fade to such a degree, do to the risk factor. When i ride why would life matter? i risk my life when i ride at top speed  so most my worry’s fade away as they should when i ride its great. So everybody pick up whatever you love to ride and ride….