So i know i haven’t been on my blog in a minute but i figured since i just relinked it on myspace for all who are wondering where I am at in life i figured i would post this since i have some free time on my hands.
Now Iam not sober anymore for any of the AA’s who are wondering about me. But Iam not using drugs just drinking!!  
So as to say drink and be marry! But for reals Iam doing real good Iam working part time under the books like allways still in school pulling a 3.75GPA and  am soon going to be in a musical play for all to see. Yes I am doing all kinds of crazy ass shit now that Iam not sober for the most part. But this is MY LIFE.And Iam going to live it anyway I see fit And now more so that I have a signifigant other to look after and that looks after my well being also. YYep I finally settled down.But for reals what else is ther for me to do I am living MY LIFE as i see it should go. Well to all who knew me as sober Chris I am still the same Chris just intoxicated some of the time,lol OK Alot of the time but only when I dont have anything super important going on. AA taught me how not to drink ,Like a Pig of course.So what next might You all ask Well keep doing what iam doing Of course Its not like Iam selling drugs or running guns and stealing cars breaking into house’s and shit like I have allways done In MY LIFE Nope I am just chillaxed!Oh and what is with the color scheme
Hell i dont know thought it might look cool.Now one last thing My Gurl as few know her is a very vibrent woman who can put up with me and my Baggage due to the fact she has some of her own and for so Crazy reason Its just opposite enough that it clicks…Just like clock work me and Sabrina fell into what most know as love over a month ago and have allready gone through quite alot in that short time span, So nither of us are going anywhere.Never have I meet a Gurl how gets me as fast as she does and can put up with the best of me and the worst of me all in the same Ten Minute time Frame,lol She passed all test with flying colors.So Now let the world Hate on me or let you all love me for who I AM. For last reference I am not mad at the few friends I had or still have In AA just mad at the bullshit that followed me through out it. So peace be with all you the reason why I disappeared was for all your owns safety, Cause weather any of you admitt it or not everybody in that program looks down on the next drunk even if thats what they want is to drink and be left alone. I am truley happy with all the choices I have made no matter what the cost of SO I leave with this “love your life its the only one you have”