hi world today is going to be another long day. because yesterday was a fucking trip and a half but i was not alone Sgurl was there with me for most of it. But anyways on with this quick blog. So ended up not getting too much accomplished as far as stuff i wanted to do except drink at the end of the day far into the night. I know not very productive but it was a Friday night what else am I going to do I am not working so not much more to do hunting for a job that late in the day wouldn’t make too much since spelled wrong but ehh fuck it. So me and Sgurl my only actual follower on this blogspot and my Girlfriend woke up at my house chilled with my roomie for a few and then showered up then headed out missed the first bus by two minutes then walked a few blocks to kill time until we got to the next stop or two caught that bus learned a new route home to her house,love it we both got our own apartments and our own set’s of roommates ironic the settings of it all but on with the day. So like i was saying then we got her home after an hour and half bus ride just to skip a 4 and half mile walk across Visalia she did her thing I chilled with a mutual friend then got her back on a bus then off to work an hour early I already had three beers in me then had one at her work then a friend snatched me up took her to Tulare then i drank more there got back to Visalia and let Sabrina drive the rest the way home detoured at Jack N box got tpo her pad and ate and went to sleep when we were laying down Sgurl said her joints feel like jello and what not this morning even worse so I am letting her sleep in hoping the rest helps and who knows get her back and forth to work today but shit its already heating up going to be a 100 degrease today AHHH anyways 5 minutespast what i wanted to write had to get it out ttyl world this is my new life