This is my Sgurl who’s name I abbreviate for reasons unknown to her and me!?laughing out loud why I call her this, is beyond me? Probably cause our mutual friend who inadvertently hooked us up together. Is now completely miserable;that friend use to call her lover Sman so this is my Sgurl who I do not hide from the world and will probably go down swinging for in the end, as with the way things are looking. Haha but Sgurl and I will still be there standing so fuck it its Real and its there.This is not to blast anybody just I think it is funny because I introduced Sgurl to my blood family the other day and of course my mom and sis approved but it wouldn’t have mattered anyways;   this is my girl now and I am not letting go for nothing. Like i told my sis today she asked me if i really like Sgurl I said yes she gave me and Sgurl her wishes that meant soo much to me. So this is what it is just me ranting and raving my love to the world about a girl i call Sgurl