So i hunted for a job today like it was nobodys buissness hopefully to avial a postion at Don P’s that was the best shot i had all day most places now apply all online and even then there is no sure hope of your application ever being seen by human eyes? This post is kind of on the go 
So we will see how many comments i shall get but i have had lots of help. Thanks to  everybody who has giving me leads to where to search and how to actually apply knowing i have never had a legit job. So there was a recent post i made in the middle of the night when i was all stressed out talking about reverting back to my old ways sorry for that its just old habits die hard and all i know is how to survive so this act of being a real live productive member of socity is a real change of venue for me bear with me everybody this will get better at least thats what i have to tell myself to get through the day with out doing what i know best anyways got’s to go more to do today.Thanks again everybody even those who wont read this