So yep I got moved in to my new place today, but i use to live here 15 years ago this is where it all started pretty much. And what i mean by that is I stated drinking here kissing girls here and learning the ropes of life here. This is very odd to me I dont even want to stay the night here tonight Id’ rather be with my Sgurl but do need rest and a little distance can make the heart grow fonder so I am still undecided on if I want to go to Sgurls home tonight? Besides all that I cant belive how dirty someone can make me feel by backstabing me this chick claims to be my friend but now since being with Sgurl all this chick can do is talk shit on me trying to break Sgurl and me apart good l say to her and fuck the horse she rides in and out of Visalia on. So anyways before i dwell on that drama too much I got way more going in my life than to let that shit bring my mood and spirits down.HAHA I still win again. So after moving everything of mine and my roommates stuff we have all accumulated together and our own shit I am fucking utterly exhausted but my mind is going 90 miles a minute not too bad for a hard day of moving a house to upstairs. So i got to go and take a rinse in the shower and a dip in the pool. byebye