So yea before i pour myself into school work here in a few minutes i just want to take some time to write on this Blog about what the last few days have been like. So me and my girlfriend Sabrina have been like forest and jenny like peas and carrots. I love it. So after she shows me off to her co-workers she comes up with the ideal of going to the casino, table mountain. I was like fuck it I am down.So one thing goes to the next then i was like lets go right now mind it was three in the morning on a Sunday. So Sgurl says lets go in the morning. I am like ok then get some sleep then breakfast then head out so we wake up well kinda late then we get to take off around one pm. Then Sgurl brings up the fact that her car stalls out in the heat I am like no worries i can drive it so then were off. We don’t even get ten blocks from the house and the car stalls out I push it into a gas station nearby. We let the car cool off kind of and then jump on the freeway and then BOOM right there on the on ramp it starts to stall again and I do some quick thinking and drop the cars gear into second gear and keep on driving all the way to the south side of Fresno and that,s where the car stall,s out for good on an off ramp in the fucking industrial section of Fresno. So being who Sgurl and myself are we just decided not to trip and make the best out of this and expect the worst case senreio. Well what turned into a day trip was looking like it was going to be an over nighter sleeping in a car.But then my old friend and my brother say fuck it they were coming to get us at midnight so they did and we got back to Visaila at like one in the morning and what i forgot to mention was my Sgurl had an audition that night to go to well since we already knew she had one more day left to get her there she talked me into audition for a speaking part in the musical as well. So I agree then today we get the car back by driving all the way back to Fresno and meeting up with a friend of a family members and towed the car all the way back to Visalia and then Sgurl and I clean up and shot to the audition and like nobody but me and one other guy show up for the 9 roles to play in this musical fuck it I think I am in a musical now coming up this Christmas season. This whole time Sgurl and myself are getting closer together and this shit is getting intense and i just fucking luv it, aint ever been this serious with a girl this fast as time goes on its going to get interesting,lol I cant wait.Cause who knows whats next? This is the whole crazy shit about this I dont trip on the next thing coming cause now I am not alone