Wow this is some crazy ass shit I got what I wanted and I am going to hold on to this one for dear Life. I found this girl asleep in her bed like 8 or 9 months ago and all i could tell her was don’t trip I am here to clean i wont bother you. But she came around to talk to me instead. Then she see’s me at her work I was all dressed up and I hear later on that she had to do a double take and could not recognize me when I was all presentable.Then i run into her at a party and we talk a little bit but still no cigar. Now we finally got to check each other out on myspace even though now it is under attack from hackers. But that is where we established a lot more that we liked each other but had to get to know each other more and she wanted to know more about me i said that best and juciyest stories I have to tell in person. So I ran into her at her co-workers Birthday party and she kidnapped me to hear my story and then she had a story to tell me. So we exchanged parts of life storys and then for some reason I knew i was heavily attracted to who i call in the cyber world Sgurl but i know her name all right i have since we started to go out that night On cluadias birthday party. that is when we decided our official date and all that good shit was. Now I have not spent one day with out her. this shit is great . I am so head over heels but lets not tell well got to go and play some more