So this is what s been up i was chasing this one girl and i was not pursuing her too hard until this last month when i heard i she had in an interested in me so i myspaced her then got her number but just waiting emailing her back and forth then i told her that if she wanted to hear about my riddled past it had to be in person. So then on Tuesday she did just that. she kidnapped me for two hours at a birthday party then we talked. then we start to figure shit out on our own hell i don’t know seems like i bugged her about it but fuck i t now we are dating. Yes this Tomcat is Retiring from active duty in the singles department. So I really like this woman i know she likes me back my fam bam so far seems to be cool with this than any other girl i brought home. so that makes me feel cool. and nobody hooked us up we did it by our-selves will post pics later