So this life of mine is hell of interesting people are coming out of the wood work and hitting me up from the past. this is cool this is what I have been asking for so it has slowly been coming true this is way too cool. I got depress today for a minute but I got over it as fast as it came about. I am real glad for that when I get too depressed I get suicidal and that could end badly. So what’s next in my life? I dont currently have a girlfriend but I do have a few girls I spend a lot of time with but I will not date any of them at the minute. Why is this I kind of know but I am just trying to focus on me myself and I right now.Do not get me wrong if miss right comes along I will want her but can I have her whoever she is I do not know? So iam closing this out for right now I got a presentation to write out just notes and get some kind of rest soon