So i got to pop the clutch a little bit and down shift a gear or two or fuck ,ok maybe three gears. because i had a close call with needing to go to the hospital due to a rare case of the hiccup’s. it got to the point where i was about to go this would have only added to the amount of money i already owe the world so, instead i rode it out what a Sissie i know. Also i drank myself into a black-out the other night it was great i always sleep the best during those even when i don’t remember shit. i woke up had thrown up in my sleep and had to force myself to throw up again in the morning and continue drinking the rest of the day to avoid a hang over . It worked so i have been sober all day today, i always hate being sober because i usually have a emotions then that i do not want to deal with AHH. so whatever untill next time