Is the glass half empty or full? neither its a “half of fucking glass of whiskey and coke!”

Ok this may come to some of you as a surprise but this is the best i have ever been in my little life,.
i thought when i was sober for 8 months i was happy?Fuck no i wanted to kill myself or the ones i thought were making my life difficult but instead i picked up drinking again like i don’t know how iam alcoholic its what i do best is drink so there it is iam not all mad at the world or anything else iam cool and relaxed now. Sorry to all the so called friends that i made in AA but where are they all now still at their fucking meetings crying about the upstairs bathroom being out of toilet paper they don’t even have an upstairs bathroom,HA that is the insanity of AA they bitch piss and moan about everything under the sun then wonder why they hate themselves. anyways iam done with all of them. My life and theirs is far better off with me half-smashed when i think i need to be off kilter.