Well its hell of late but my mind is up so I should should start off where I left off in the beginning.So I left off where I was hospitalized up in Vallejo CA, I was nine when I got out of there. I still lived in Fairfield CA, but was soon to move down to the valley, where I currently reside now. My mother was pregnant at the time; with my soon to be little sister Brandi,. She was born; then my family and I were on the move.We ended up in San Jose for 8 months, then landed finally in Visalia CA, this is where I am at now. But this is not all that was going on. This is just a geographical description of the moves I made in a years time period as a kid. When we did settle down in Visalia it was crazy cause we still moved around a little for like a year or two. Every move was ether for a few months or around a year. Where we lived the longest in Visalia is exactly where I might be moving to very soon. Ironic I think? Anyways as I was saying the shit I went through was pretty fucking crazy and most of it could have been avoided by the adults I was around if they would have been more like adults instead of drug crazed kids.What I saw and dealt with was all kinds of fighting, abuse, drug abuse, drinking, weird sex, and did i mention violence?Yes I think did!But I have almost forgot about me being exposed to my own drinking, experiences accidental drug overdose’s, and whatever else happened that i might be leaving out, it will come to me later. But yea good time’s, NOT. So lot’s of this was from my mothers boyfriends at the time and his friends and family fuck and whoever else was around. shit its late or early so goodnight or morning whatever time schedule you are on.