My name, Christopherlee Sheek yes I was named after a horror movie actor.Doesn’t mean I can act or even try too.So I have had this crazy ass life that Nobody should ever try to recreate! The best thing about this life of mine is I can tell my life story however I want to.
It all started out up north from where I am located now; in Fairfield CA, in April of 1984, i was born to the parents of Veronica M, and Randy S, my mother at the time worked for a newspaper plant and my father was a mechanic/drug-dealer. What comes next is off the hook; I was only three years old when my parents split up the old American way, but my father was seeing some other woman who he did knock up with another boy. Well that other woman had a son a year younger than I by one year or so. Well I mentioned that my father was a drug-dealer well he was a good customer of himself as well. My father also had one hell of a temper and I saw first hand what domestic violence, child abuse was all about. Like I was saying; I four and a half, when i witnessed that the world was a horrible place and even your own parents can do the most damage to a child humanly possible. I was beat to an inch of my own life by my father on October 31st 1988 I lived my stepbrother Jeffry S did not survive. That was the day my earth stood still. So it took a year or so to convict my father but justice was served also my father was convicted of another crime two years prior to my birth he also killed my little sister two years before my birth. My father was monster a mean, cruel, unforgiving beast that was so high on cocaine and methamphetamine’s that he had no concise for many years after.
But being a survivor of this murderess beast there is more than meets the eye. It was four and a half more years before, I came out of the psychological black-out that I was induced in. When that happened who did i blame? Myself of course. But what happened next i still wish i never put my mother through, I attempted suicide at the age of 8 years old.I was hospitalized for two months and under psychiatric care still to this day. The care I am under is by choice not force I have had my chance to stop the care I am under but I think it is more beneficial to me and the world than to stop. All this is still just the surface since i can only type maybe 30 words per minute. I can only tell this story in segments.

To get further into it I have become a small monster of my own making long story but i have a long rap sheet of theft charges and have never been caught for all the Gun, Drug, And Stolen property trafficking, that i have done what i did get caught for was putting hands on my girlfriend I am not making excuse’s for myself but she was part of the violence too. She was no innocent woman she liked to drink get high and fight, then make up and have sex twisted girl she was and still probably is?Who knows I still cannot make contact with her; but maybe that is best I was looking at 7 years for what i had pending and for the domestic violence i committed on her, in my opinion we both should of went to jail.I ended up only serving one year. But now I am an Ex-con still on Parole but getting off soon at least by the end of the year.I have completed all my requirements for parole just waiting on a discharge.So this is just a quick ass personal write about my life II will fill in all the blanks later when i have more time so hang on and please give me a chance.